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Welcome to daybreak competition where we bring you daily updates and answers to UK TV competitions and much more. Daybreak competition also provides you with fast entry to UK competitions and you can track all daybreak competition entries online. You can get all the TV competitions daily at including Daybreak, Lorraine, This Morning & many more!

With so many UK competitions and TV competitions (itv, channel 5 etc) it is important to have a place where you can go and quickly find the answers. The real deal competition, loose women and daybreak competition are two examples of daytime tv competitions in the UK. Another very popular contest is the gadget show competition – full of gadgets for all the geeks!

Daybreak Competition Question

If you miss the daybreak completion live on tv you can catch up here – we publish the daybreak competition question daily. We also provide the daybreak competition answer and answers to a host of other popular TV shows. There are several ways you can enter online competitions (save money on texting!) and a direct link is supplied.

Free Competitions UK

Made by UK residents, for UK residents. If you have time throughout the day why not complete some free competitions? Our UK online competitions are provided in an organized manner for you to search and browse. We even provide tracking and suggest competitions you may be interested in. Prizes such as cars, tvs, cash, iphones and even houses are often available – and they are always available to UK residents.

Daybreak Competition Answer

uk daybreak competition entry onlineEvery morning we will provide you with an answer to the daybreak competition question. Simply copy the answer and enter it on the itv website. We do not make any claims that our suggested answer is always correct…but most of the time it is! This will make entering the competition fast and easy – it also means you can pop out for a coffee and not be worried about missing it! You can find all the Daybreak competition question and answers here

How To Enter The Day Break Competiton

You can call or text your answer however this is a more expensive way of entering and we do not recommend it. Especially calling from a mobile; very expensive! The best way to enter the daybreak competition is to file an online entry. This is 100% free. You often get a choice of prizes and if you enter enough competitions you have a decent chance to win.

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Competition Winners

Competition winners are not always published for online competitions, but it has to be remembered that many people want to be protected if they win a big prize (think of lottery winners!). You need to be a little wary of anything you see published online – fake winners can be easily created however respectable competitions often print the name of winners & you usually have the right to contact them regarding their competition. Daybreak competition winners list is available.