The Daybreak Competition

Daybreak competitions are one of the ITV competitions that is featured in Daybreak which is a breakfast television show aired on the weekdays. Daybreak is a lifestyle, entertainments and news program that are scattered with celebrity interviews, Daybreak competitions, health items and reports from places in the UK.

Daybreak competitions features

Online and phone-in competitions are the new favorite thing of people to participate in to make quick money. The prize draws are often promoted by TV personalities and the giveaways are large amounts of money in cash, luxury holidays, dream cars and many other gift vouchers. This makes the Daybreak competitions one of the most popular competitions amongst all the other TV competitions as people win really big money and prizes. Every day there is a new question with new prizes allowing any regular participant to stand a chance in winning. These competitions are really fun, addictive and you have access to big money prizes in no time at all. Every day, you actually have nothing to lose except for a few minutes of your time, but on the other hand you may win something. Simple and easy multiple choice questions make participating in these competitions convenient and precise. Most of the questions featured are easy and you can answer them extremely quickly and if on one day you come across a tough question, a quick search in a search engine will provide you with the correct answer. There is no choice of not being able to enter the contest and with regular participation every person has the same chance of winning and the next one. So don’t miss a day or an opportunity and take advantage of such competitions as they are the fastest way of making money. Housewives, mothers and students can really benefit from a paid vacation or a new car if won. Daybreak competition has really caught on in every household with a chance of winning every week.

Daybreak competitions questions

Daybreak competitions multiple choice questions are fun, simple and quite entertaining. You can participate for free online and choose the correct answer. will provide with more information on other means of participating in the contests. Many other online competition portals for Daybreak competitions also provide with a hint of sorts. Every day there are new winners and big prizes given away.

The current competition question asked was:

what TV personality is known for ‘nice to see you, to see you nice!’

  • A. Noel Edmonds,
  • B. Bruce Forsyth
  • C. Chris Evans

A simple question like this had prizes of £10,000×3 and a holiday to Butlins. Other prizes of previous contest questions were a Mercedes or a luxury trip to London. Along with the huge prizes, many smaller gifts and gadgets are there to be won like iPhones and Plasma TV’s. Daybreak competition has been widely scheduled in the UK since its launch and the sole purpose is to get everyone to participate by watching the show. So don’t just dream, take matters into your own hands, in this case your fingertips, and get rewarded.


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