Why Choose Windshield Repair over Replacement

If your windshield gets damaged, what would you do? You’ll probably find an auto glass company near you and have the damaged assessed. But if you’re on a budget, you might resort to looking for DIY windshield repair kit so you can fix the crack yourself.  

Before you do anything, it is important for you to know that you actually have two ways to address the problem. You can get the windshield repaired or replaced, but the choice would always depend on the extent of the damage. If the damage is too extensive, then the repair may not be an option. For that, you would have to find an expert in auto glass replacement Springfield to put your car back to its good working condition. 

Why Repair Is Better  

However, if repair is an option for you, it’s best that you consider it first. A majority of the damage on the windshield is just minor so replacing the entire glass is not actually recommended. If you choose to repair, then you’re going to save a lot of money. It is true that windshield repair is a lot cheaper than windshield replacement. Sometimes, repair is even covered by your auto insurance.  

Aside from saving money, you’re saving yourself a lot of time as wellSome windshield repair work only takes 15 minutes. That means you can drive your car away after taking it to the repair shop. If you’re thinking of having your windshield replaced, then the auto repair shop would have to order the replacement glass first, wait for it to arrive, and install it once ready. The whole job would take several days.   

More Reasons to Choose Repair  

Windshield repair also preserves the vehicle’s factory seal. When the seal is broken and the replacement windshield is not installed properly, then a host of other problems may occur. One of the major complaints of customers is leaking. There are also cases, when the entire windshield pops out of the car after subjecting it to the slightest pressure.   

If you’re an environmentally friendly kind of person, it would be repulsive for you to know that windshield glasses aren’t recyclable. That means the entire glass will end up in the landfill if you choose replacement over repair.  

Should You Do It Yourself?   

It might be tempting for you to buy a glass repair kit and repair your windshield yourself but you are strongly discouraged from doing so. It’s a must that you take your car to a windshield repair expert for proper assessment. Do note that not all windshield damage can be repaired. You don’t want to use the DIY repair kit on a severely damaged windshield and drive it around. You’re actually adding to the hazard.  

Chips and cracks on the windshield have to be handled by the professionals as they have modern tools and equipment to get the problem fixed. Minor cracks can get worse if not fixed properly. The regular movements of your car due to air pressure, road vibrations, winter heat, and summer heat can make that crack bigger a lot faster than you hope.