Things to Prepare in Court if You Want to Plead Not Guilty

If ever you have been caught up in a DUI case and you would like to plead not guilty, the first thing you should do is to hire one of the reputable Fort Myers DUI lawyers to be at your side. Usually, if you plead not guilty, there are a few reasons why you want to do it and you need to provide proof that will support your stand. Your DUI lawyers can assist you in uncovering and documenting this evidence and will operate to assist you to obtain the verdict of not guilty. Below are some of the steps you should prepare to guarantee that your case will go as smoothly as possible:

Contact the bail bondsman

If you come at your indictment and plead not guilty, you have to be ready to pay bail or you will be directed to jail until you can post bail. If you reach out to a bail bondsman, you can have a great awareness about how much your bail would cost. This way, you will be ready to post it during your arraignment.

Obtain evidence

After you speak with a bail bondsman, you need to begin developing your case. During this task, you can greatly take advantage of the assistance from your hired DUI lawyer. A great DUI lawyer will know where to have the greatest evidence that will back your claim and will assist you to provide the needed paperwork on time and properly.

Preserve field evidence

Always keep in mind that a lot of police stations just keep evidence within 90 days before they will terminate it. Hence, when you’ve done a field sobriety test, make sure that you ask for the video to be kept to be utilized as evidence for your DUI case. You will have to provide a request letter to the police department to keep the evidence. Your hired lawyer can recommend you the greatest ways how to do it.

Ask for the police report

If you want to understand what you are fighting with, you need to get a copy of the police report from your arrest. Again, your lawyer will possibly recommend you to also request for this and must provide a few significant info about how you can move forward with that. In other instances, you might need to file a motion to get the police report. Thus, you really have to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to help you throughout the process.

Go to trial

After all, you will bring all of your collected evidence together with any testimonies from your witnesses that you have gathered during your trial. During this moment, it will be up to the jury and the judge to decide whether you really are not guilty or if you will be convicted for the DUI. What you should do is to get ready for your trial by discussing your own testimony with your trusted lawyer and do not forget to be courteous and respectful in court.

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